Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco

Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco
A one acre farm, just south of Vilcabamba, in Southern Ecuador, Wilco Way is a budding model of Permaculture principles at work. There is a lot of information on Permaculture on this site, accumulated over 25 years in several different climate zones around the world.
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Vilcabamba Permaculture Design Course

Click here: The Vilcabamba Permacultura Design Course, english/
Clic aqui: Curso Diseño Permacultura Vilcabamba,español

Feb 6-16, 2014

Video of the first 5 months at Wilco Way/ Los primeros 5 meses al Wilco Way.

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Video Intro de Permacultura, Espanol

There Is Power in Remembering Ancestral Wisdom

Our times, the Age of Separation could also be called the Age of Forgetting. Modern humans have severe amnesia; we have forgotten who we are in relation to everything else. Martin Prechtel, the maverick cultural historian and artist, calls it “the amnesia of modernity” and says our task is a “Holy Remembrance [which has been] forced to survive homeless under bridges.” In truth, each one of us is vertically connected to everything through the present moment, and horizontally connected through time to all of our ancestors (and descendants). And what a lineage that is! Not only are we a

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Where are we going together?

Zia’s letter to the Vilcabamba “nuevo residente” community: In planning the Permaculture Design Course, I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about their understanding of where we are going together. Also, their take on what Permaculture is, or their contribution to and their relationship to sustainable lifestyle here in this beautiful valley we have chosen to call home.

Just to clarify a little.. Permaculture is not… A garden with a pretty shape, be it sacred geometry or not, that is not informed by the land. A farm that is dependent on manure and other

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EC move? Q & A

Here is some information about our experience in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, for those considering moving here. We are asked these things alot, so here are some basics. For more information, I suggest becoming a member of the Cuenca based website, Gringo Tree.You can ask questions on that site, and get answers.  If you are curious about the Vilcabamba counter-culture, become a member of the FaceBook page, Vilcabamba Boletin.

1.Owning land and gaining legal status. It is possible to own land outright. We bought land when we came down on our first vacation trip.

Investing in land (currently $25,000.minimum investment per

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Medicinal Herbs

Blackberry, leaves

Blackberry Rubus, many varieties from around the world Rubus fruticosus (a common European variety) Rubus villosus (a common American variety)


Astringent, tonic, helps treat wounds, burns, mouth sores, sore throat, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps

Medicinal Properties

There are said to be at least 40 European varieties of Rubus and numerous American varieties. These include many species of blackberry, raspberries, dew berries, cloud berries and thimble berries. Most people are familiar with many of these berries for their eaten fruit which may also be useful in

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Principios de Permaculture, Español

Éticas de Permacultura Cuidado La Tierra Cuidado La Gente Repartición Justa

Principios de Diseño Observa y interactúa Captua y guardua energía Obten un rendimiento Auto regulación y retro-alimentación Usar y valorar los servicios y recursos renovables Dejar de producir residuos Diseño de los patrones a los detalles Integrar más que segregar Usa soluciones pequenas y lentas Usa y valora la diversidad Usa los bordes y valora lo marginal Usa y responde creativamente el cambio

Mycelium, advantages & propagation/ Mycelium, ventajas & propagacion

Mycelium bed

Mycelium bed

(Espanol bajo) The benefits of mycelium are huge. Briefly, the root-like structure of the mycelium can multiply the circulation of a plant by 1,000 times. It also provides protection against non-beneficial fungi, virus and bacteria, and breaks down soil nutrients, making them accessible to plants. For more

This is a method for propagating indigenous strains of mycorrhyzal mycelium. Mycelium is very abundant in primary forests. Take a small amount of soil from a primary forest, or any woodland setting that has not been

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Rainwater harvesting and greywater systems/ Cosecha llovia y sistemas de aguagris

En este tema, estos sitios son bien fuerte, lo siento, no tenemos este informacion en Espanol.

On this topic, I recommend these sites. They are really strong, I couldn’t improve on this information. I’m sorry I don’t have this information in Spanish.

Brad Lancaster’s site

Art Ludwig’s site:‎

What it takes to run a course/ Ejecutando un curso

The course fee and what it takes to run a course: Offering a PDC requires many months of planning and logistics. We run the best course we can and the kind we would like to take. This means we are out there getting our hands dirty, hearing from lots of different people, visiting the best sites, constantly revising and improving the course, making sure we are up to date with the latest thinking and techniques. All of this takes time to organize. Teaching each segment requires many hours of planning. In the Vilcabamba course, providing the website and communication

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Who is this course for? ¿Quién es este curso para?

Our students are farmers, budding homesteaders, teachers, architects, entrepreneurs, engineers, parents, and just people who want to be informed about sustainability who are looking to apply permaculture in their own lives, meet people, learn hands on skills, and resources. Yes, some students are looking to become professional PC designers or teachers.

Nuestros estudiantes son campesinos, colonos, maestros, arquitectos, empresarios, ingenieros, padres de florecimiento… que buscan aplicar permacultura en sus propias vidas, conocer a gente, aprender de manos en habilidades y recursos. Sí, algunos estudiantes están buscando convertirse en diseñadores profesionales de PC o maestros.

CURRICULUM for Vilcabamba PDC (English & Spanish)

CURRICULUM for Vilcabamba Permaculture Design Course • Permaculture Principles and Ethics • Permaculture Design Method • Observation Skills, Site Analysis, Designing for Diverse Climates, Creating Microclimates • Nutrient Cycling in Water & Soil • Gardening: maintaining soil fertility naturally • Traditional indigenous methods for maintaining soil fertility, biodiversity, seed saving • Forest gardens, agroforestry, fruit trees • Multiple Benefits of Fungi: agricultural, bioremediation, medicinal & culinary • Renewable Energy • Ecological Building including building with earthen materials, bamboo, thatch • Wise Water use: rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, aquaponics, aquaculture, bioremediation with constructed wetlands, • Incorporating animals into your system

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What is a PDC? Que es un PDC? Curso Diseno Permacultura

The PDC is usually taught as an intensive of 72-100 hours in 10-14 days and provides a rich down-load of information that empowers the participants to apply these principles to their own sites, projects and lifestyles. The course enables the participant to discover “the how” for developing systems that can be sustained indefinitely, in harmony with other species, without diminishing resources and opportunities for future generations. Permaculture aims at freeing participants from an extraction-based culture which views profit as the ultimate indicator of progress, regardless of consequences.

El PDC se suelen enseñar como un intensivo de 72-100 horas

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What is Permacultura? Que es Permacultura?

Permaculture is a design method to help create the optimal level of sustainable balance with nature for any given place–urban or rural, desert or jungle, business or home. Zia Parker

Permacultura es un método de diseño para llegar a un nivel óptimo de equilibrio sostenible con la naturaleza, en un lugar determinado de zonas urbanas o rurales, desierto o selva, granja, empresarial o del hogar. -Zia Parker

Permaculture is the science, ethics and practice of how human beings can live in cooperation with nature, as nature. –Bill Pfeiffer Wild Soul, Wild Earth

Permacultura es la ciencia, la ética

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Growing in Vilcabamba, selecting for drought tolerance?


This post is in response to the question, should we be bringing in drought-tolerant seed to Vilcabamba, such as drought-tolerant Hopi corn, since the dry season has been getting longer? What is the local annual rainfall? and soil conditions? I’m aiming at keeping this post updated with new info on this topic, Growing in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

This is quite an involved topic, and many people in Vilcabamba valley are well equipped to respond. I’ll add my two cents on the part of our little corner of the community–Wilco Way Farm. We are working to establish a

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Resume, Zia Parker

Zia Parker, MA, CAP, CMT Skype: ziaparker

FOR ENVIRONMENTAL / SUSTAINABILITY / PERMACULTURE WORK, scroll down. MOVEMENT THERAPY, MASSAGE THERAPYand ASTON-PATTERNING® & Health-related Employment: 1979-present Private practice: relying primarily on Aston-Patterning® methodology for addressing structural and related problems. Work with chronic and acute cases such as back and neck pain , and long- term degenerative or congenital problems such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis; as well as musicians,dancers and athletes in performance improvement. Since l981, clientele have included national corporations and elite level athletes, such as Bell Laboratories and members of the Olympic bicycling team, as well

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